As a freak, subvert this blog has a purpose; which is to express and share my version of Reflexivity for readers of different cultures and different environments through stories, poems, photography and videography, etc..

Bodhi Ryuchai

A Bodhi’s Way is an extension, an example and product of Bodhi Ryuchai’s life long goal. Bodhi wanted to travel, be a freethinker, be a writer, take photos, share experiences, thought and feelings about who he is in this world.

In a whole, A Bodhi’s Way is a wanderlust panorama of Bodhi Ryuchai’s reflexivity. He wants every reader to gain a bit of self-knowledge, of self-awareness and of self-evolvement from every post he creates. Hence, the more we share and we learn from one another, the more we bridge the gaps in those voids of miscomprehension.

People need to feel valued and to feel worthy in themselves and the cultures-environments they represent. This is A Bodhi’s Way pure mission: communicate and articulate the art of the self, hence, reflexivity.

Bodhi Ryuchai -Skill Set


Experimental Musician/Noisician


Moniker/Philosopher of Reflexivity