Light, Camera & Sound: My French Film Festival via Cannes

Precipitating Arial Communion

Finally, I had time today to experience a taste of the film feature at past Cannes Film Festivals. These shorts and feature films mark the anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. From July 6th until July 17th you have an opportunity to watch some of these films free of charge. They have closed-caption and subtitles available in a English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese, etc. The website: MyFrenchFilmFestival Cannes Special Edition

My picks from this festival, thus far, are as follows:

Ava (2017) (

The Little Tailor (2010) (

Chasse Royale (2016) (

It’s Free For Girls (2009) (

These are some of the quality films you will get to experience in the website. I’m still watching some more films and exploring the website. I believe they are available for purchase, also. Did, I get lucky to catch this ad on instagram. I was filled with joy. I’m an indie buff. I love stories that enrich entertain not desensitizes with sensationalism.

Hence, if you have some free time for the next 4-5 more days, you can catch one of these quality and masterful independent-French films. The Little Taylor (Le Petite Tailleur) was directed by none other than Louis Garrel (The Dreamers). So, expect the twisted, uninhibited, hedonistic, liberated, allegorical, dark and passionate work of french filmmaking. Plus, you can vote on each film with a 1-5 star rating on the feature or short webpage.

I would like to end this post with a quote from one of the french great cinematographers Francoise Traffaut:

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