I have been presented with an opportunity to air my own radio show courtesy of HKCR ONLINE RADIO out of Hong Kong. This will be a monthly show I will air. With a mix of the best international extreme underground music existing from decades before to now.

G.E.E.T.A. Windstorm show will feature music from Ambient, Drone, Doom, Black, and Classical Experimental/Metal/Electronics/Gaze genres! It’s a genre within a genre bender show. All international, all underground, all extreme and all independent D.I.Y artists and musicians from around the world. Below I have the set and a video teaser I created and posted on my Instagram and Facebook.

HKCR set list for the G.E.E.T.A. Wind Storm show:

Nadja – Flowers of Flesh (Live) (@nadjaluv)

Eartaker – A lady who experience necromancy (@eartakerjapan)

Risa RIpa – Izanami (

Viviankrist – After Rain (@viviankrist1)

Surachai – Bleeding Shadow (@surachais)

Blakmoth – Resounding Reflection (@blakmoth)

Boske – Las Fauces del lobo (

Dusk In Silence – Infinite Horizon (@duskinsilencemusic)

Blood and Dust – Dead Tongues (@blood.and.dust)

Aidan Baker – Quer (@aidanbakermusic)

Final – Laughing Stock (

Fear Falls Burning – Echoes 1 (

Ancst – Exosphere (@ancstcollective)

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