Lights, Camera & Sound: Post Cinema Discussion II (Digital Cinema)

Around 1970’s in Moscow, Andrei Tarkovsky was asked the question about an interest in creating abstract films. His response was there can be no such thing. Cinema’s most intrinsic function is to operate a camera that opens a shutter, begins rolling film, and recording the action set in front of the lens. Nothing more. Tarkovsky settled for this notion, nothing more. Well Tarkovsky, the 21st century is a bit more potent then functionality.

I just watch two films. The first film was a 20 minute poem from Printemps Des Poetes site. The title is “Je ne me suis jamais trompée de désir! ( I never got the wrong desire!)” The second film was from thr Arte Concert series on YouTube courtesy of Petites Planetes. The title was Jazz(s) à la Philharmonie.

Each film has this In-Your-Face activity displayed by the various movements of the cinematographer that can be edited by simple software and technological attributes. Hence, as the subject(s) are capture from the lens in intimate moments from one to the next with organic acoustics of limiltless reverberation. It drew me into the expression of th story. The more I watched each subject(s) delivering an exhilirating artistic performance of the human wilds. My conclusion and intrepretation was clear.

An aesthetic was discovered as I watched these digital cinema pieces. It was obsolete, yet modern in a contemporary style a la Petites Planetes videographers.. Thus, I quote from Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st Century book, the following, “Cinema traditionally involved arranging physical reality to be filmed though the use of sets, models, art direction, cinematography, etc…..The history of the moving image thus comes full circle. Born from animation, cinema pushed animation to its boundary, only to become one particular case of animation in the end. The relationship between “normal” filmmaking and special effects is similarly reversed….

My observation is obvious. The cinematographer has the means of technology, much like in 1991 Apple’s QuickTime video software, that allowed people with personal computers and laptops to watch and edit movie, films 30 years ago. Now, cinematographer, filmographer and videographer can use any video recording device to capture a pure organic shot. With this shot, use a video/film editing software to edit and produce their product.

So, I would like for some you to take the time to watch the film and see the pure genius of 30 years of evolution in filmmaking in a pure organic form developed through the tools of video editing software and the very natural human imagination. Artifical intelligence has not reign supreme over all our capabilities. We have available the use of cognitive mega-muscle: The Brain.

Yes, people. The evolution has just begun. At this instant, La Blogotheque and Petities Planetes along with Arte Concert and Printemp Des Poetes are pushing this envelope in the world of cinema with a visual storytelling that educates and entertains in the same instance.

We no longer think of the history of cinema as a linear march towards only one possible language……..Rather, we have come to see its history as a succession of distinct and equally expressive languages…….

Post CInema: Theorizing 21st Century

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