HKCR Online Radio presents: Marishiten & Vermillion Project

Vermillion Project Ecoacoustic Drone video

Tomorrow on HKCR Online radio, my ambient metal project Marishiten and María E. Pérez’s Vermillion Project will broadcast on the Yadim Hell Storm hour between the times of 6 pm to 7 pm HKT (in the US & South America this is 3am PST to 6 am EST).

María E. Pérez has created drone and ecoacoustic music since 2016 with the Vermillion Project. I was impressed with her drone on her bandcamp page. However, she has progressed into creating sound samples from the environment along with visuals on a project. Thus, providing a sound experience with visuals and music combined. That reminds of Yannick Franck‘ he is Belgian electroacoustic artist, who’s soundscapes were so pure, cascade as the European alps. María E. Pérez has her own YouTube channel of music videos of her latest work.

Vermillion Project (María E. Pérez)
HKCR online Broadcast post on instagram

My Ambient Metal project has started touching the surface. I’m such a Hyperactive-ADD type that I wanted to combine Ambient, Drone, Doom Metal, Noise, Dark Ambient and Experimental Noise into an Experimental Metal project. Ambient Metal made perfect sense. I’ve been a fan of such bands and project like Fears Falls Burning, Sunn 0))), Corrupted, Nadja/Aidan Baker, Justin K. Broadrick various experimental projects (Final, Scorn, Techno Animal to name a few), Mick Harris’s Lull, Prurient, GARMR and ISIS. I knew what I was seeking in my practice of experimental noise and drone; hence, Marishiten was birth from the embryo of H.A.K.M. conundrum.

Untitled HAKM Doomgaze drone

Marishiten is the abrasive nature of shedding and destroying what is confirmed as music/sound/noise to procure an autonomous entity in a ronin-esque savageness. Nadja was that one band that guided me into connecting those dots. I understand where Marishiten would led to…….Ambient Metal/Experimental Metal. This is only the beginning for Marishiten for there is more to come.

To conclude, I was very happy Vermillion Project accepted my invitation for this radio spot. HER Transmissions curator CloudyKu is looking for some new female artist. I hope Vermillion Project gets her own spot. I believe she deserves this opportunity. I think she is a great fit for HER Transmissions format and philosophy.

Furthermore, I want to thank Vermillion Project, HKCR Online, and CloudyKu for the opportunity and guidance through this process. I hope I can start to curate my own show. I sent a proposal to HKCR about a possible show. If this happens, I will post a blog, tweet, and instagram about possible shows I will DJ and have artist perform live.

Marishiten/Vermillion Project promo clip on Instagram and Twitter

This Monday HKT at 6-7pm (3am PST/6am EST) Marishiten and Vermillion Project will perform on the Yadim Hell Storm courtesy of HKCR online.

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