Lights, Camera, & Sound: Post-Cinema, a Movement, Genre or Neo-Paradigm?

I was pondering a term to explicate the style of the existing cinema culture. Hence, whenever the term ‘Post-‘ is applied in art, music and film it usually refers to ‘after or ‘in between periods.’ I am certain theorists – in this paradigm – are churning the preverbial engine to get their scholarly journals, books, and symposium in circulation to render a clear definition of Post-Cinema.

I remember in the 2000’s to 2010’s, the strength of the foreign and independent film culture was growing. AT the independent ( second hand) theaters there were movies fro different culture done in different languages. Yet, with the growing power of digital format, cinema has veered toward a more media-internet centered domain. COVID-19 has done its part to push this format smoohtly with closure of movie theaters all around the world. Thus, we are left to our streaming service and user friendly sites like YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion.

Furthermore, I googled a general definition of this term Post-Cinema, ….”it is not in every respect “new,” at least not in the sense that new media is sometimes equated with digital media; instead, it is the collection of media, and the mediation of life forms, that “follows” the broadly cinematic regime of the twentieth century…”

With that, I wish to share with you another cinematic piece from Petities Plantes. It’s a short film french comedy of poetic recitations based on “Desire” or in french “Desir.” You can find this poetic film from a website called Printemps Des Poetes. This video below is from the “Edition 2021 Le Desir” that is entitled “Va, Je Ne Te Hais Point (Go, I don’t Hate You).”

This discussion will continue about Post-Cinema, and, I will continue to post more films from La Blogotheque, Vincent Moon and Petities Plantes collections. Plus, many other cinematographers/videographers who I deem as either pioneers or current filmographers of the Post-Cinema movement, paradigm and/or genre. There are so many people I will discuss and bring to surface. I plan to interview some of these people in the months to come. To conclude, here is a polite and intimate video from Petites Plantes that I will watch in a few minutes. Enjoy.

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