Photogenic Interlude: Blissful Thinking

Blissful Thinking Drone

To understand a human’s path, you have to discover his passion. Blissful thinking is such a lucid sensiblity. I was just walking around downtown San Jose in its freeze dried pandemic state, excuse for not using the word COVID for its a dirty word.

I saw this gentle man sleeping in the 60 plus degree temperature in the doorway of a building. What I saw at the moment was liberation. For some, it’s horror in landscape of the concrete jungle in this era of America’s existence.

I could not pass up the opportunity to get a shot. He woke up as I was about to take my second shot. I gave him a few dollars. He took it in shock. He allowed me one more photo. I pull my lever on the camera to shoot another shot. As I get ready to peer into the lens, he cracks a grin and shows his money. Snap.

I wish I had more to give him for it was blissful thinking; to give more to those in need.

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