Photogenic Interludes: Olympus OM-1N Photojournal #1

On March 5th of this month, I was lucky, and healthy enough, to go out on a photo excursion nearby at Los Gatos Creek County Park. It’s a nice little nature reserve less than 10 minutes away from where I live here in Nor Cal city of San Jose.

H.A.K.M. – Harsh Drone 4 from the Tacoma Sessions

I have been meaning to get in some time to work on my photography starting with a 35mm SLR camera. My camera is an Olympus OM-1N. I managed to grab one off ebay for less than 160 dollars. WOW! Lucky Ass hell! Without further ado, here are the photos along with PsX app effects and my hand written journal from that day.

March 5th, Los Gatos Creek County at 1:00 p.m.. The weather was clear, warm and sunny. The wind was light as a feather. The lens I primarily used was the 50mm attached to a MC Tele Converter. I had two rolls of Kodiak 400 24 exp 35mm rolls. I adjusted my shutter speeds between 60-250. I need to learn and understand the best situation to set the aperture in certain conditions like weather and a setting for one.


Furthermore, I made a note to self from that day: I need to hit up other places for more practice shots and I want to start using filters and incorporate other techniques for cleaner photography. I plan to attend workshops, use programs like Adobe Photoshop and continue to experiment with SLR until I transition, or afford, a DSLR. You know, I want to understand how each are similar and differ in use. So far, a SLR is real easy, but limiting from what I have experienced. My limited knowledge plays a part, also.

The 1st roll of film, I used 50mm/85mm lenses interchangeably. There were some shots that a tripod would have gave more comfort and ease. Plus, the shots would have came out cleaner and polished before editing in Photoshop Express app on my phone.

The 2nd roll, I used the MC Tele Converter with both 85mm/200mm lenses. A tripod was starting to look like a good idea at that point. Like, the birds sitting on the telephone lines over the pond needed some technical touches to grab a neat shot and I wanted to be very still, calm.

Also, I had situation with my 1st roll. I tried to rewind the film, but for some reason I thought the camera didn’t get all the shots. So, I reshot using the same film and created a double exposure (as you will see in the various photos). It was accidental, but genius. To tell you the truth, I’m glad because adding effects will give me more range and room for creativity.

This first excursion was a stepping stone. I plan to go up to San Francisco, out to Santa Cruz, around Marin County, in Berkeley, and PCH to get more shots with a clean, polished, professional touch. When the time comes, I plan to sell prints, once I have gained sharper knowledge of my photography. I want to be a true student, pupil of photography. The only to grab better shots and create better looks is to go out and explore, experiment.

Thank you for reading and viewing some of my work.

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