Miho Hatori & Sudan Archives: La Blogotheque with a twist of feminine wilds in diversity.

((((((HAKM Drone))))))

H.A.K.M. the song is a drone piece developed during my nomadic state of creativity and construction of H.A.K.M. project.

We have two short films from La Blogotheque with 9 year span circumventing the late 2000’s- late 2010’s. First Miho Hatori in 2009 (right before the beginning of the 2010’s) and Sudan Archives in 2018 (close to the end of the 2010’s). Both filmmakers techniques are quite similar, but the obvious cultural differences are apparent in each video. This is the power of La Blogotheque films: they introduce artists from various cultures, genres, environments and backgrounds. Hence, it’s reflexive of arts and music community today: diversity.

Are we doing enough to bridge the gap for diversity?

Are we truly embracing variety/diversity?

Or, are we infatuated with the idea of variety/diversity?

Bodhi Ryuchai

First, we have Miho Hatori who was a member of famed Cibo Matto, also other projects like her solo act, the Gorillz and her current one New Optimism. The triage of videos of Miho are set in the Morgan Hotel around Christmas in 2009. It’s was a sweet account of how Miho works; her personality and how she develops her musical sound. She creates with total passion in a minimalistic style: laptop and what is at her avail.

Next up is Sudan Archives in The Netherlands around 2018. Another Afro-futurist Boho style musician who has performed at various festivals and venues internationally. She adorns an Afro with a Burmese style neck rings armed with an array of wrist bracelets, jewelry, and a electric violin. In her video, she plucks away at her violin while walking around a green house. Then, she picks her up bow to strum away into a sonic frenzy armed on her hip is a portable Honeytone mini amp. She sings two songs interchangeably – during a break she plays with some goldfish in a small pond before performing another song on her violin.

Watching these two videos is highly appreciable. We are witnessing a STRONG shift in the culture of art and music toward variety, diversity and interculturation. Usually, variety and diversity has been so paper thin and watered down in American culture, if not the world. It’s about time we stop bullshiting ourselves: there must be more faces from every continent in this world who are creative, unique, spirited and emotive – performing in front of an audience to embrace.

So, enjoy each video and take those thoughts I expressed into consideration – Are we doing enough to bridge the gap for diversity? Are we truly embracing variety/diversity? Or, are we infatuated with the idea of variety/diversity? Apparently, La Blogotheque and filmmakers like Vincent Moon & Hugo Jouxtel are challenging those insertions in their works of art. Until the next film clip………

La Blogotheque


We filmed more than 500 bands in over 10 countries across the world.

And we’ll never get tired of it.

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