Petites Planetes: When We Are Born

Petites Planetes is showing a live film event online March 7th. The film is title, “When We Are Born.” It features the work of Vincent Moon and Olafur Arnalds. It’s a 23-minute long film done in one shot. This is Vincent Moon style cinematography that he has crafted for over 15 years. I know his style very well for I have viewed only a hand full of what he has done. Sandrayati Fay along with manyothers have added their expertise to this production.

Here is a teaser clip used on Petites Planetes instagram:

Like I said, I know Vincent Moon’s style. He has polished his cinematic storytelling style. He has a vision and can create right off the fly. I hope to attend a live event one of these days. It would be a blast.For now, this live event will fair. Just experiencing Vincent Moon’s work for over 10 years, it’s aspirational and telling of what sacrifice is; plus, he has lot to show for it. The other point is acknowledging how cinematography is reaching another level beyond the scope of a lens, a production crew and setting. Because, the state of art and music culture is in a good place for is to revive and restructure the grand scope of the platform, tools, knowledge and community us artist/musicians have at our avail.. There is a grandoise platform for artists/musicians to tell and to exspress stories, to communicate, to embrace our unconscious and to connect through impersonal and interpresonal channels.

If you would like to see more of Vincent Moon and Petities Planetes film works I will post the links below so you may browse, venture into the worlds, to sights and to sounds we have never fathom exist except what is shown in a movie or described in a book. Petites Planetes instagram has these type of video teasers, welcoming anyone into the culture and the environmens that reflect the mission of music, and art, healing properties (below is a video treaser shown on Petites Planetes instagram):


Petites Planetes:

Petites Planètes (@petites___planetes) • Instagram photos and videos (Instagram)

Petites Planètes | Live Cinema ( (Website)

Vincent Moon:

Vincent Moon (Website)

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