Anne Sulikowski: The Sonic Nurse of Ambient-Drone

((((((((((PRAISE THE DRONE)))))))

She is known from social media moniker as “The Sonic Nurse.” Anne Sulikowski is one of those intriguing females to ascertain my attention from a music/art cultural standpoint. Plus, she has this love of horror movies and horror movie villians like Leatherface! Bascially, she reminds of the artsy indie, riot girl who listen to Art Punk like Sonic Youth, Unwound, Bikini Kill, The Boredoms or Yo La Tengo and chill at coffee houses reading books, smoking cigarettes and a member of an art collective or music group. You know she’s fucking Artsy As Fuck. I love artsy females.

I remember when I first started following her on Instagram she has an ambient-drone music project called ” Building Castles out of Matchsticks (now, she goes by her real name Anne Sulikowski).” I listened to a few songs on bandcamp and was totally impressed. Besides her music, Anne really caught my attention with her Post Expressionlist style painting that would give Van Gogh a run for his money (and he would give Anne his ear to keep in bell jar on her living room over the fireplace for show).. Her paintings are so surreal, yet they each have a story to convey on their own. Like love, she is expressing some untapped subconscious conversation with the universe much like in her ambient and drone music.

One more thing to note, she is a self-proclaimed “Gear Nerd.” She definitely lives up to this title in the demos she has compiled over the past two-three years on her YouTube channel and short video teasers on Instagram.

Her demo videos have strong professional and creative elements with semi-instructional parts on some videos. Mainly, she just loves to perform, give live demostrations from her bedroom. For instance, in some of her demo videos she will use a guitar, a pedal chain, a modular synth or a bowed-guitar set-up to demostrate the gears properties and capabilties. A matter of fact, watching some of her demos have help me to decide on a few pedals I need for my projects and I gained more knowledge of how certain insturments and gear functionalities.

But around December 2020, I had plans to spend a week in Canada for an interview with Anne and much needed winter vacation in Toronto. However, COVID-19 travel restrictions from the Canadian government has put a healt on those plans. However, this summer there will be a possible “Live” interview with the Sonic Nurse in Toronto. Now, those of you who are a bit more curious about the Sonic Nurse who works hellicious 36-hour shifts every week? Go to her instagram, check out her YouTube or go to her website to gaze at some of here creative works (I believe she would paint a commissioned piece if requested). Below, I am posting a video of her ambient-drone project from her Building Castles Out Of Matchsticks project. Enjoy the soothing frequencies of Anne’s archetypical anima and PRAISE THE DRONE))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


INSTAGRAM: Ambient Scientist (@annesulikowski) • Instagram photos and videos


YOUTUBE: Anne Sulikowski – YouTube

BANDCAMP: Music | Anne Sulikowski (


(((((((PRAISE THE DRONE)))))))

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