I’m Already in 2021……

This year was a challenge and headache all at once. I was riding high off my plan. I remained diligent, focused, determined and organized. Then, a car accident on March 23, 2020 during a sunny afternoon in Seattle sidetracked everything.

I was unable to work and I was left living off my thread of money I have built from all the hardwork while working as a CDL driver. Now, It’s December 31st. I’m finally reaching another plateau during this near penniless strain. Experimental music, this blog, writing and photography along with traveling have been my saviors during this pandemic. FUCK COVID-19.

I lost my apartment. I didn’t get unemployment on some technicality at the hands of the undercurrent scheme of the racist regime in the vein of Trump Politics. I’m so close to being the most faithless american alive. But, Drone music, Noisegrind, photography, traveling, writing and sleeping in my car by the beach or at a buddhist temple on certain nights because I wanted to do it and save a few bucks is all my life has amounted to this past 4 months of the year.

Yet, I’m the happiest man alive. Even though, I’m close to having my case settled with the insurance company. I’m loving the hopeless grind. It assure me of many things and people surrounding my life.

However, my body still need rehab. The chiropractor in Seattle was decent. The weather in Seattle is a bit impractical. I need warmer climates for my rehab. Gym closures aren’t helping either and I’m a very physically active man. I love to weight lift, I love to practice Karate. I love to Indoor Rock Climb, I love to jog, hike and travel. I need to get my body in an environment conducive to my mental and physical health, FUCK COVID-19.

Now, I’m back in California. I’m in love with California again. My history from California about 6 to 15 years ago have decimated. I don’t know where my ex-grilfriends are and don’t care. I know where some of my homeboys – one of them I hang out with here in Northern Cal and the others are down in Southern Cal whom I plan to visit soon – and I have met some new faces along the way who are a bit more refreshing.

To end this Post for 2020 and begin 2021. Many of you should look forward to more of this from me:

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