Camera, Sound & Travel: Indonesia Is Calling!

She is so soft, so tender and so vibrant

I was surprised to see Vincent Moon back in action so soon. I guess he has a message for COVID-19: va te faire foutre!! This film is the best artist tonic to relax our COVID-19 blues. These two clips are based on Indonesian musicians. What better place to film one these musicians than from the majestic Scandanvian country of Iceland. Currently, Sandrayati Fay resides there. She is an Indonesian folk singer with a Joan Baez spiel drape all over her beautiful face.

Watching her video is like love. She is so soft, so tender and so vibrant. Her elegant energy channels straight from the land of Iceland. During the first few minutes of the video she speaks of nature as a guiding muse for her present moment. She has such a quietude to her tone as she speaks to the camera. It’s her little moment to take us on her journey into nature and into sound…… the harps of Bali siphoning notes in the volcanic winds of Icelandic continent. Watch the clip see what she is all about.

Like a Picasso, this video paints a picture with

a lens, a filter, guitars, a drum

and their wailing hearts.

Next, is the band The Trees and The Wild. They are performing in their folk format. They are a band of Indonesians from West Java, now based in Jakarta. I remember I watched this video close to 10 years ago. It was one of Vincent’s most surprising gems. I loved Vincent’s videographic technique as he lets the musicians perform their song without rehearsal. As they perform, the camera travels with them through the streets in neighborhoods foreign to the tourist’s eye. It’s raw, unhinged, intimate and cosmic.

At times when I watch these videos, I can taste, touch, feel, see, and hear every thing in the background; but, the music lures me into this voyage. It’s a soundtrack to the environment of the artist’s residing city. Like a Picasso, this video paints a picture with a lens, a filter, guitars, a drum and their wailing hearts.

The musicians are in a trance-like moments with vocal exchanges and tempo changes as they perform while the camera venture off sneaking views of the locals in the background with wandering eyes and interested spectators. Watch as they give us the performance of an artist “Bleeding Heart!”

Watching these two films of Indonesian musicians tells me about this world: there is so much more culture out there to celebrate. I love the Indonesian culture for its quiet, slumber strength. There is so much going on in those 7 islands in southeast asia across the ocean from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the rest of the southeast asian spectrum.

This 4th most populous culture of the world is a hub of music and art culture that remains to be untouched by the world’s largest western culture in America. I think its great that Vincent continues to record these videos in various culture and continents. Indonesia is calling, people. They are with performers like these and moments to be recorded in the annals of Petities Planetes.

Merci Beaucoup, Vincent Moon, Sandrayati Fay and The Trees and The Wild.

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