Photogenic Interludes: PCH 1 to Santa Cruz to Little Osaka…..A middle finger to COVID-19

Santa Cruz Pier: early morning wash

The drive up PCH toward Santa Cruz and San Francisco was peaceful. I needed to do this. I love California like life itself. It’s a special feeling to be a native Californian and to live in California. There is this discernible feeling when you are present amongst the various cities, towns and resorts, etc. All this driving was not fatigued nor languished. It was an elixir of energy and emotion. I needed it so bad and the view was monumental.

Little Osaka Japanese style vending machines

After the long day, I stopped in the city of Monterey. There was a Trader Joe’s down the street where I can get some food for the next few days. It was quiet, tranquil and near the ocean. I mean you can feel that Pacifica Breeze in the air simmer with the COVID. I could see the ocean from the front balcony of my hotel room to the left about a less than a mile.

On check out day, I left the hotel on sunny morning heading north to Santz Cruz pier. I got a chance to take some photos. I wasn’t too interested in Monterey. Plus, I needed a bit of rest and relaxation while processing things, which Monterey was good for: Solitude. I plan to travel back down that way. They have a nature walk I want to check out next time and the privacy was savory for my creative needs. Anyway, Santa Cruz pier was a dream like walking into an esctasy filled fantasy.

Those sea lions on the pier were adroable. I went to three different spots on the pier. At every spot, I had a sea lion-like the one above-stare at me. I waved back and took pictures. They basically modeled for me. I fell in love with those babies. There were even three of them lying next to another floating in the ocean on their backs in synchronized motion. It was a beautiful display of animal behavior personifiable to human behavior.

That breath of fresh air was what I needed and then a couple days later, I went up to Little Osaka in San Francisco’s Japantown to hang out. I was suppose to meet a friend there. He was running late. I had to hit the road in an hour or so. I know I will meet him again, but just being in that area brought back some memories. I was not just California dreaming, I was inside the dream state….

I plan to return. The weather was so warm and comfortable those few days I had a chance to take photos. Man, I didn’t realize the appreciable pulsating energy present here in California. I’m a different man from 10 years ago. My eyes aren’t so blind by the mudslinging mentality I was involved around. The point being, this pandemic should not take away from our natural ability to be curious, to take an adventure and to live our lives to the fullest.

I’m done, yet. I’m just getting start. We all have a path to follow. There will be obstacles, but nothing to block us from the undiscoverable. This blog is turning into something more then Reflexivity. It’s the emanation of its name: A Bodhi’s Way.

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