Photogenic Interludes: My West Coast Trip Part 1

I left Seattle last Tuesday around 10 am. I drove straight through Washington. I haven’t looked back since. This drive down I-5 was a breath of fresh air. The feeling to be out on the road. …. you know, that feeling to lose yourself. I want to take a minute to enjoy this green earth will live on before parts become a barren waste of space. This pandemic named COVID-19 will not bum me out……… will not burn me out……… will not incarcerate me.

Below are photos of moments along the way through California to Nevada.

This trip to Las Vegas….You would be surprised how fulfilling it was for my spirit. A refill to the Ether for the body and the senses. As much as I love Seattle, I believe my time is about to end in that city. Damn, I love it up there. Seattle is a beautiful city. I know I have to return, but this election brought us a new president to revive our culture, lead us toward progress? Some may agree, some may disagree. Right now, we all need to take a minute and be greatful for being a live as this pandemic is creating a pre-dystopian existence wiping out the human race. Dystopia or not, all I can think about is: When will the Canadian border open and………….I can’t wait to roll down the I-5 transverse, again.

This trip is not over, I must venture through California. Below is the sneak peak photo for the next photogenic interlude……

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