Collection Petities Planetes: That Man holding that camera is Vincent Moon.

Vincent Moon is the videographer maverick who, I believe, has revolutionized film, music and art into a platform to be unscathed by the corporate machine. His videos are like visions. His technique is like a visionary. His name has become legendary amongst the music world. He is the Bodhi, Buddha of cinematography that some may admire or abhor.

I see his style is borrowed from the ethnographic format. He uses the camera lens as a entertainment – education device of the artist during their performance. The performance guides us on an exploration of sound and spirit orchestrated by Mr. Moon and the artist. Thus, creating an experience in sound-film-community: a communion of the soul.

The clip below is about a year or two old. It was apart of La Blogotheque ¨Take Away Shows¨with Mr. Moon as the videographer. Mr. Moon filmed the experimental vocal artist known as Hatis Noit. She just released a CD entitled “Illogical Dance” off Erased Tapes label (you can hear the CD from her soundcloud at the bottom of the post). The performance is set inside a cathedral with a sick concave in the rotunda that is an experimental artist wet dream when it comes to sound acoustics.

Her soft, sullen beautiful voice lulls you into the glooming parabolas, arcs and tangents of the concave inside the cathedral’s infrastructure. How its studied with the camera by Mr. Moon’s technical prowls. Her vocal reticence draped in despondency saturates every inch of the cathedrals floors, walls, and windows.

The video leaves you in awe. It leaves you to desire livation, and for an experimental artist like myself, you yearn to create immediately after watching the clip. Mr. Moon and Hatis Noit leave wanting more of their story…….watch the clip below and see for yourself. 

Mr. Moon has created Petities Planetes to share with us his ethnographic studies of sound and spirit. However, I see a reflexivity of nature, environment and culture engulfed in each video he creates. Believe me when I tell you, Mr. Moon has not even begun. I believe this is the beginning of something bigger in the world of art, cinema and music.

We all can learn something from each and every film Mr. Moon, these artist and La Blogotheque has produced. That music, art and cinema are an important vortex in the culture and the enviroments of every community in this world. That’s the reflexivity perspective.

It’s something we need to exist for art, music and cinematic culture are in peril. What Mr. Moon and these artist, musicians are providing is something we all strive for in our everyday struggles: peace, unity and freedom.

This isn’t about selling products. No. This is about survivial. We need, and must, want creativity to continue in our communities. It’s pivotal to our survival and paramount to our health.

If you would like to learn more about VINCENT MOON, HATIS NOIT & COLLECTION PETITIES PLANETES here are the links below: Petites Planetes) Moon’s page of Film, Music, and Photography) (Bandcamp page) Noit Home Page) (Bandcamp page) (La Blogotheque Home Page)

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