Camera, Sound and Travel: Take Away Shows presented by La Blogothèque

I first started watching “Take Away Shows” back in 2011. The first film to catch my eye was by Vincent Moon with his “Fiume Night” series on YouTube or Vimeo. It was the “Jess Chambers and the Firefly Orchestra” video I saw. I remember the beginning with Jess speaking on windy winter night in some city in New Zealand. Her beautiful voice resonating my ears. Her warm breath simmering in the air as sings like a hot cup of tea sitting to cool until it touches your lips from the brim of a cup. Her sexy sensual coy smile as she stares into the camera playfully. Every minute of that video captivated my attention. I was in love with the moment, with Jess, with her story, with videography and with travel.

After that one video on that evening in 2011, I kept watching video after video after video from different artist of different cultures of different music genres of different environments and of different continents around the world.

I have to hand it La Blogothèque and Vincent Moon; they tapped into something missing in music and cinema: a foundation for passion, freedom and wanderlusting.

So, I plan to post a film once or twice a week from a “Take Away Shows” by La Blogotheque and Vincent Moon “Fiume Nights” series. I believe watching a film experience like these, whether 4 minutes or 2 hours, is much needed therapy for us audiophiles, videophiles or people who need moment to gather there breath, take a break and wanderlust unto different places with different people at different moments.

For, what La Blogothèque is trying to accomplish something important to music, film and art community: to keep the fire of expression burning.

Passion is something that can’t be taught…it can be witnessed and learned. There are a special breed of people who can perform and ascertain an emotion within themselves that is expressed through music, video, dance, or literature, etc. Hence, your are invited to experience the Camera captivating a Sound in moment of Travel.

Below is a bit of background on La Blogothèque. The video by Lianne La Havas posted for this week. Also, links to their website, YouTube and Vimeo: (Vimeo) (Website) (YouTube)

La Blogothèque is a media production company dedicated to creating original, personal musical films with various artists worldwide. They started in Paris 12 years ago by producing a viral YouTube series, “The Take Away Shows.” This series is dedicated to showcasing thousands of hours of music-based content. Thus, the series continues to flourish in legitimizing a musical community based from filming these videos.

La Blogothèque has filmed the likes of Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton singing with a 60 people choir in the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles, Jack White playing acoustic guitar on the roof of an old castle, Childish Gambino performing in a huge LA loft, locking themselves in an elevator with the Arcade Fire as they played Neon Bible. They had Michael Stipe of R.E.M singing acapella in a grain silo and Alicia Keys playing for a hundred fans without mic in a Parisian bar.

In this film clip, Lianne La Havas is spending an Parisian afternoon walking the street in with her guitar like a trubadour playing her song “No Room for Doubt.” I believe it was the summer of 2011 when this was filmed.

La Blogothèque has filmed more than 500 bands in over 10 countries across the world. And they’ll never get tired of it.

1300 videos in the past 10 years

100 shows organized, produced and filmed

180M views/more than 630M minutes of viewing

550K subs on youTube/more than 450k on our socials

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