Ink City: Fudoshin/Shoshin (不動心/初心), my immovable tattoo…

My Fudoshin/Shoshin Tattoo I got in Seattle at Geisha Tattoo shop

As a Bodhi, I love my freedom and the ways to express it. I discovered over the years that fashion, jewelry, music, art and tattoos combined have done this job piously.

Fudo Myoo deity a symbolic historical refernce to Fudoshin philosophy.

Hence, one day, I was on Pinterest looking for another tattoo idea. Something to compliment the mantras I got tatted on my left and right forearms both done in Tibetan and Sanskirt scripts.

I saw this beautiful symbol of a painted brushed black circle on a white surface (photo above) called a Mushin (無心 ) translates as ‘No Mind/Empty Mind.

I remember when I first saw this design on Pinterest. I said to myself, “As a karate practitioner, I wanted another tattoo to symbolize my passion for the culture and a reward for my dedication to some of the philosophies.”

Having seen this Fudoshin/Shoshin symbol inside the circle sold me immediately on this design.

After some investigation, Fudoshin/Shoshin is interpreted as “the immovable, impentratible mind” in Shingon Buddhism, which is a philosophical staple for the martial arts; particularly Karate.

In conclusion, anybody getting tattoos with symbols make an effort to interpret their meaning and history. It’s important to be inked with glee instead marked as a fool. You dig.

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