The Sound…….The Eternal #2: Australia’s Queen of Experimental Music

“In the pre-scientific conception of the body of the late classical and medieval periods, the body is seen as both open to and in complex interchange with manifold external influences, agencies, and energies, natural, divine, and demonic.”Steven Connor

Kusum Normoyle is an experimental vocal noise artist from Australia.

I first saw a video of hers on instagram, i believe. She was screaming into a mic with 6 to 8 amps set up with a sound board creating the distortion in a field in front of large concrete-brick slab wall (that is the video below).

After watching the video for the first time, I kept thinking of the many experimental noise/drone artist like Masonna, Hanatarash, Sunn 0))), Charmaine Lee, and Hikojikan, etc.

I was even more surprised Planet Petitie and Vincent Moon have not filmed her in one of there ‘Take Away Shows (like my 1st The Sound…the Eternal article link:”

She’s a beast as a performer and have a CV at least two pages long of all her past exhibits and past performances. There’s nothing much to say about her other than that she is Australia’s Experimental Noise Queen, basically.
She has a couple music projects called HVISKE (w/ Ivan Lisyak) and HARD HAT (w/Peter Blamey).

Furthermore, there was an old national geographic article i read year ago with some Hindu sitar player expressing, “Music is the vehicle to god.” I believe Kusum tapped into an isotoric ebb.

In Reflexivity, Kusum has harnessed something that each and every performer seeks to gain from their bodies for they are vessels toward a higher understanding of the spirit. Kusum has tapped into that vortex as a performer. As I see it, she transforms into “ETHER.”

Hell yeah. She is literally that object, entity, or subject we can’t touch nor see nor taste. In her performances, her madness and her rage are the very essence of expression for its raw, unhinged and irreplaceable.

I believe every performer has this ability if they allow themselves to be open to the process. Kusum has created her own method and style in this process to exist in that place where pain, pleasure and drama doesn’t fathom power.

I think we are all seeking it in our own creative pathos. The Sound…the Eternal does exist only when one allows their ego, their existence and their body not to exist. Further opening themselves to that isotoric ebb of creative intent.

Kusum and every experimental noise artist out there may have found a way to experience a vortex beyond our comprehension; so, if there is ever an opportunity to witness this phenomenon, whether it be 3 minutes to 2 hours, you better get your tickets and enjoy. Freedom has a cost, but for some, its worth every penny of every morsel of time.

If you want to learn more about Kusum here is the address to her page:

Her soundcloud page:

Her experimental noise project HARD HAT soundcloud page:

Her Techno project HVISKE soundcloud page:

Reflexivity term:

Isotoric: Is an equitable quality the Self contains in a moment of immersed euphoria, whether active or inactive, in any present space or time.

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