Triskele…..Triskelion the Triad of mythological life

My Japanese Buddhist Dharma Wheel tattoo on my forearm

When I first got a tattoo of the Japanese Buddhist Dharma Wheel, a few years ago in Virginia, I had little knowledge of its meaning. I knew of the eight fold path in Buddhism, which is what the 8 spokes inside the wheel represent, but that triad, triskele symbol, in the middle of the tattoo I couldn’t quite comprehend. Hence, I decided to dive into some light semiotic research.

First, semiology is the study of signs, symbols, and signification. So, I sought various sources on the internet to come up with the following:

The triskele or triskelion is an emblem that resembles three commas or teardrop shaped beads chasing one another round a circle.

In the case of the Buddhist meditational symbol for the three aspects of Dependent Relationship (which is represented in the symbol to our right), the triskele is represented by these three aspects: Causes and Conditions, Parts and Concept and label.

Buddhist Meditational Emblem
Mitsu Domoe

Furthermore, the triskele has a stronger meaning in Celtic cultures, also. The Celtic type triskelion means “three legs.” If it was a tattoo, the symbolic definitions procure many meanings in threefold like time passing, a representation of the goddess, an emblem of life, or mythology for the three points of movement for the sun.

It seems the triskele is a symbol of myriad meaning with fluid interpretations. My practice of Buddhism has sparked my interest and knowledge into mythological endeavors of its semiology.

However, these triskele are correlative icons between the Euro-Asian cultures; furthermore, bridging the gap to the understanding on a Euro-Asiatic scale held by the emblems known as triskele or triskelion.

The mind is a non-physical aspect of the universe that is not reducible to matter.

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