The Sound…..the Eternal: Singapore’s Transgender Nomadic Noise Pixie

What’s that source in sound? Where’s this priori that ignites our passion to create? What’s that attraction to allow one’s mind, body and spirit to venture without distraction? Sound, space and the human body are all connected to a spectrum beyond comprehension; furthermore, it has led myself to create my own experimental noise music project called HAKM.

A collection of guitar pedals during my experimentation process.

The film clip above was done around 2011. At the time, I was a student at a university in southern California. I started watching various “Take Away Shows” clips. They were recorded by the videographer maverick Vincent Moon. This film exemplified what the experimental expressed as ‘Sound and Spirit.” The performer in the film an is experimental noise artist named One Man Nation aka Tara Transitory.

Torturing nurse performing live in Shanghai, China. Legendary experimental noise artist.
Experimental noise artist from Shanghai, China Torturing Nurse

This clip exonerates an isotoric manner fluid in the art of noise. If you notice, the performer instigates a spiritual incantation while performing a noise piece in Singapore on a rainy afternoon. For, as many times I have watched this clip, I yearned to be a performer in this style of music. An interesting fact is in any style of music, a performer exhibits an isotoric priori which entitles a free will to communicate as a shaman during a drum trance.

HAKM present set up of drone and harsh noise pedals

The ritual of sound, spirit and nature becomes the alchemy of the human soul. It feeds the energy. It procures the synapses. It dilates the third eye.

I believe music is one of the purist forms of freedom. Within it exist this autonomy that ferments the mind, body and spirit at any given performance. It’s the only medium a human can channel into unknown dimension of the universe. A tool to therapeutically alleviate one’s inner strife and inner suffering.

Currently, I’m in the beginning stages of an experimental noise music project. I term it Dronenoisegrind (this is one of the many projects I want to accomplish musically as an experimental noise artist). I call the project HAKM. I posted a clip below of one of my sound pieces. Enjoy the noise, any comments or displeasures please leave them below.

Reflexivity term:

Isotoric: Is an equitable quality the Self contains in a moment of immersed euphoria, whether active or inactive, in any present space or time.

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