…..and so we wander unto the this world

Ever had a goal or dream lingering in your heart and your mind yearning to be creative? You ever been so close to creating something, only, to fall short of achieving it? When you look back, can you see what mistakes you did make without regrets? In other words, you want to express a creative philosophy that interprets life through vices of your utility? Well, I believe A Bodhi’s Way is that example I wish to convey, express to you.

A Bodhi’s Way will be a blog/vlog that embodies this purpose to create and express what I coin as Reflexivity. It’s been a goal, a dream, a fire starter of mine since 2011. I love to wander, travel, venture and wish to see the world; but, i would like to have something to offer as an blueprint to how Reflexivity influences and implies the nature of a Bodhi like myself.

daytripping in Montreal Summer of 2014 during world Cup in July

Furthermore, in this blog, I would like to comprehend every person, every event, every environment and every culture with my own naked eye. I would like to maintain a neutral state of being much like a bodhisattva would. I would like to experience the freshness of life; as if, waking up every morning fresh after a night’s rest.

That is the goal of ‘A Bodhi’s Way’ to be a culmination of my spirit, my heart, my soul and my observations wrapped into words, images and videos. I would like for every reader that visits this blog to vicariously experience these moments in my journey as a Bodhi. This intent to write, communicate, record and discuss in detail a panorama of subjects represented by various personalities, events, cities and lifestyles; hence cultures and environments (reflexivity).

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to A Bodhi’s Way. Come take this journey into the known and the unknown parallels of the planet’s cultures and environment that are reflexivity of human objectivity.

Reflexivity =Reflexive Psychology is the study of the Self in reflection of one’s emotional, mental, and physical processes within the psyche residing in various cultures and environments.

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