Another cold ass night in ATL

This band is not El Ten Eleven. But, they are rocking out. The keyboard player is hot. I don’t mind the itte-bittie tittie committee with the PJ Harveyesque bodysuit.

It’s been a long day in ATL. I got up at 540am as usual.

I had a 13 plus hour day Friday. The drive up to Knoxville was eventful.

I had two other hikers with me; however, the drive back was hell. Traffic jam when i was in Cartersville and the equinox, attached to the 26 footer i was driving, i left the key in the on position. Battery was drained.

I didn’t find out until i arrived at the shipping center in Hiram. This is where i had to drop off the truck.

Anyway, I got a jump from a guy working at Planet Fitness. Cool kid, I tipped him 5$ for his time.

Anyway, that was yesterday.

Right now, I’m at the El Ten Eleven show. I should have went to the Grails, but i bought the tickets before i found out.

Joan of Arc was suppose to be the opening act instead a Chicago band doing the duties.

They are unique….i think i should go to another thought…

It’s fuckin cold outside. Like 35 degrees and shit.

I did eat some good vegan/vegetarian food before i came to the show.

Oh, now the lady working the keyboards is kicking some mad favor.

Anyway, ATL is a really different flavor. I’m not southern, I’m not Republican soooooo ….. what does that make me?

Ahhhh……a guy who is out of his tree visiting the south. I thought about when i got home today after work and i took a shower.

I was so freakin horny so i masturbated for a good 10 minutes. The porn clip was foreplay and rest was me.

Anyway, I’m so close to celibate living here. I kind of dig it.

I mean i was skating in the crummy parking lot outside the club. My deck is giving me a headache. The bushings i bought are way to hard and my skate sneaks may be a bit on the ‘tight’ on my feet.

This band is fuckin ripping up a set. The electronica elements are sick. Ok. Cut out that ‘alternative’ sounding shit. Good, just fuckin play some noise.

This Chicago duo reminds a little me of Operant from Italy.

They seem off their chairs. I love it.

I don’t have much on my mind, lately. Just my skateboarding (man, I’m loving my novice spiel for the past few years), my karate (which is actually decent), and my job (i drive…oh, i deal with crazy ATL drivers….no pun there…Hahahaha).

The opening act is done. About 30 more minutes before i head out. I might miss El Ten Eleven’s set. I gotta get some Z’s (at least 5 hours, if possible).

I definitely need an juice detox, but i wanna murda a Guinness so bad!!!

Damn it!!!

The sacrifices for our jobs. Income is more feasible than a moment in the club!

About 10-15 more minutes later, they stepped on stage. The gracious roar of the crowd lasted briefly as the guitarist picked up his double necked guitar, checked his pedal board while the drummer patiently waited.

El Ten Eleven wasted no time. At the sparkling iridescence of the light fixtures in the background, the busted into their first song. One after another, never to pause for a breath.

I closed my eyes and lightly bopped my head to each note of each song.

However, I only lasted for 3, 4 songs. I had work in about 6 hours. I had to call it a night.

I wasn’t angry nor disappointed. I was left wanting more.

Regardless of the fake tough security at the parking lot entrance. He had these two nerds, hipsters, whatever, tell me ‘you can’t bring in the the skateboard’ before i walked in.

I walked in with it earlier, but I abide by club rules; I’m not an asshole you know. They probably bragged about it like the ‘fake tough nerds’ they are. Ha ha ha! Whatever.

I didn’t want to leave, but I have a job to do in the morning.

So, after they finished their 3th, 4th song, they stopped to talk to the crowd.

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